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Mother fooled for years that her detained son is still alive in Houthi terrorists-run jail

A12T 14 12 2022 12 32 26

A woman from Yemen’s central Taiz governorate was fooled for two years into believing that her detained son was still alive in Houthi terrorists-run jail in Sana’a, while the fact is he had been by torture, informed sources said.

The woman, a resident Same’a district in Taiz, travelled northward to Sana’a days ago to hoping to visit her son, Omar Ahmed, a doctor in Houthi terrorists’ captivity since 2018, only to find he had been electrocuted to death in torture sessions two years ago.

The sources said a senior Houthi militant led the woman to a morgue in Hospital 48 in Sana’a to see her son dead with marks of torture on his body.

Houthi militants kept fooling the family for two years that Omar was alive and the family needed to transfer money for his maintenance in the jail.

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